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Blairbeich Plantation

The Blairbeich Plantation, owned by Mrs Malla Macdonald, who currently runs a B&B there, consists of several different kinds of environment: a house with garden, two ponds, woods, fields with sheep, and a bog. The plantation has been in the family for nearly 50 years.

As far as landscape is concerned, a special feature of the site is the raised peat bog, which is rated as a Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) by Scottish Natural Heritage. SSSI sites are considered to be important for the natural heritage of the nation and are managed with special care. Currently there are nearly 1, 500 such sites in Scotland and over 6,500 in Great Britain.

The peat bog at the Blairbeich Plantation is some 30 feet deep. A fence that was built in 1975 to keep the sheep out of the bog has totally vanished. The bog has swallowed this human structure in the past three decades. When walking on that soft and wet surface it is hard to imagine that such ground could burn. But during the long dry summer of 1997 some 27 firemen had to fight against a fierce fire there.